“it is so different, I felt like I was transported in a different world.”

“Difficult to put in words, I feel like a fish out of water, I didn’t expect to feel this drastically out of the environment I am used to. It felt like being transported in another world and try to navigate in it.”

“Radically different, but it’s less overwhelming each day, once you notice the kindness, friendliness and contentment of the people. The latter was for me so different than in the Western world.”

“People live very modestly. Life seems both more simple and more complicated. Simple as it mainly about survival, more complicated because of the hard work and logistics survival requires.”


“Poverty is visible all around the city, I didn’t expect it to be as vast, I thought slumbs were to be found in some pockets only, not everywhere in town.”

“Reading books, looking at youtube videos, seeing pictures doesn’t give you the same grasp of the reality on the ground.”

“I thought LA was crowded… there’s people everywhere here!”

“The American embassy is way too big.”

“Food was great, it had more flavor than similar food in the US. Zebu meat rocks!”


“The countryside was beautiful, simple and refreshing.”


“Part of me feels sorry for those who don’t have luxuries, yet part of me started to think it might be better to have less and be content.”

“It gives me an even greater appreciation for missionaries who have to adapt to a different life and culture.”

“I’m tired, I will think better in the morning.”

There you have it, the team is ready for a good night sleep. 😀

One thought on “First-day impressions sound bites

  1. I am praying for everyone. I watched a YouTube video about Madagascar and was overwhelmed with the lostness of the people. This has given me a passion to pray for laborers to spread the word of God.


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