It is truly fascinating to notice how easy it is Christians to connect and enjoy fellowship with one another despite diverse backgrounds, ethnicities, lifestyles and even languages. Under the headship of Christ, we have been brought into one body. We experienced it firsthand this weekend as we visited 3 churches on the lush green east coast of Madagascar.

On Saturday, we first went to Antanimenakely Biblical Baptist Church. Pasteur Pierre and his flock graced us with a warm welcome. David preached from Isaiah 66:1-2 on the nature of true worship, then we fellowshipped and shared a simple meal with them.

After the service, some of the church members took us to their village, opened their homes to us, fed us to satiation with coconut juice, and even showed the ladies how to make Malagasy baskets.

We then visited Antanambao Nosy Be where Pasteur Julien ministers faithfully to a flock of 7 adults and 24 children. Scott and Dave shared their testimony and gave a few words of encouragement. I also gave a short exhortation to value Jesus more than anything else from Matthew 26.

The day ended with a visit to my 98-year old grandma and the celebration of my brother’s 18 birthday, rejoicing in God’s goodness at all stages of life.

On Sunday, we worshipped with the flock at Salazamay Biblical Baptist Church in Tamatave. It was an emotional time for me as I have attended this church in my childhood and have fond memories. During their equipping hour, I encouraged them to display the graciousness that is to characterize all believers from Philippians 4:5; then during the sermon, I exhorted them from 2 Timothy 1:13-18 to guard the truth and to fulfill their God-given ministry.


Paul says: “For by one Spirit we were all baptized into one body…” (1 Cor 12:13) We are so thankful for the unspeakable privilege of being part of God’s universal church.

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