LAFATRA is an acronym derived from the Malagasy for “Man after God’s own heart” from 1 Samuel 13:14. It is the name chosen for the 3-year church-based training for men that will be launched at Ankadivato Baptist Church on January 13th, 2018. It is also a suitable play on words as LAFATRA itself also can mean “mature” or “whole”.


Around 90 men attended the announcement made yesterday of the upcoming training where the objectives of LAFATRA were explicated. It was a joy to see many of them eager to grow in their knowledge of God’s Word and their faithfulness in applying it to their daily lives.

The purpose of LAFATRA is to help men to know and love God’s Word as well as to equip them to faithfully carry out the duties the Lord has assigned to them in their different spheres of responsibility, within the home, at school, at work, and at church. Through the teaching and memorizing of God’s Word, the men will be challenged to evaluate their own lives against the divine standard, and, through mutual edification, to put off the remains of the old nature and increasingly put on Christ-like thoughts, desires and behaviors.


Pray for these men as they prepare to embark on a journey to become better fathers, better husbands, better stewards and servants of God’s Word. Pray that we will grow together in our love for God, His Word, His people and His work for His glory.

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