The purpose of our new Youtube Channel is to present the realities of the mission field in Madagascar with the purpose of inspiring people, especially locals to be involved in the Lord’s harvest work.

Our first videos are a 2-part interview of Dr. Ted Watts, surgeon missionary from the UK, who gets ready to serve at the Good News Hospital in Mandritsara, with his wife Rachel, and 2 children, Ethan and Jamie. You can follow find out more about them and follow their updates on their blog.

Dr. Ted Watts interview – Part 1

Dr. Ted Watts interview – Part 2

Praise God for men like him committing his whole life to serving God and proclaiming the Gospel. Our country still needs many more missionaries, many more vocational skills. And our country needs people who have the desire to train locals so that we, in turn, can train others also. We at Madagascar 3M share the same heart for the proclamation of the Gospel and the equipping of indigenous men for the work of ministry.


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