Therismos Investment Company (TIC) was created a few years ago to “fuel the Lord’s harvest“. The vision of TIC continues to be to contribute to help pastors and church leaders towards a sustainable income so they can focus on the ministry of the Word and prayer. TIC also desires to support the evangelism and missions efforts carried out by our partner churches and Christian organizations. Finally, TIC has been established to contribute to making Madagascar 3M self-sustaining in a few years, and thus be a model to other local Christian businesses.

We have been trying to reach these goals through launching various projects, yet, after a few setbacks and disappointments, we realized that we needed someone at the helm, really focusing on the implementation and coordination of income generating projects for TIC. And we have been praying for God to send the right person, with a heart for ministry and the adequate background for the task. Well, God answered our prayers.

Meet Mpitily (his name means “Watchman” in Malagasy), our new Therismos Investment Company Project Manager, or should I say watchman 😁. Here is more about him in his own words and how the Lord led him to be part of TIC.

“My parents taught me from my early childhood that good deeds don’t save, only receiving Jesus as Lord and Savior does. So, I believed it, sincerely. The problem was that I believed more in the fact that I did the sinner’s prayer than in Jesus. As a result, when I came to realize how sinful I was, I started to doubt my salvation. Would Jesus still welcome me into Heaven although I continuously trample on His holiness? That question tormented me for long, leaving me afraid of going to hell every single night. 
But then, throughout the years, through Bible studies and teachings especially from a person at the Scripture Union, I came to grasp more and more of who Jesus is and the implication of His death and resurrection for my life. Now I believe in Jesus, not just in a prayer.”

How did you came to be a project manager at TIC?
“To make a long story short, since I was a freshman at high school (2011), I already had that vision or desire to support non-profit initiatives (like a school for really poor children) through business. Consequently, I decided to study business management. When I got my Associate’s degree in 2015, I decided to start a small business to see what’s my worth in the real world. Unfortunately, the results were way below my expectations and I sold the business in 2018 and focused on pursuing my other passion, performing arts and cinema production. In 2020, I applied to a university to study theology overseas, was accepted, yet could not go due to lack of funds. My dreams and plans were shattered. I was confused and disappointed, grumbling to God: “Is that how you love your child?” A new season started. A season during which I had to find a job unrelated to my plans and dreams. A season when God confronted my grumbling heart and proved to me that I was to be grateful in every season – good or bad, as He remains faithful, sufficient, and good. He alone knows what is best for me. And He also provided a wife for me, Manou. We got married on December 28th, 2021.”

As we came back from honeymoon, I enquired the Lord if He wanted me to consider other activities. I remembered hearing and reading about Madagascar 3M and Therismos, a company that has similar visions and desires to mine. So, I contacted Faly, just in case they needed someone and here I am. I am thrilled to be part of TIC.”

Please join me in praying for Mpitily as he embarks in this new season of his life and ministry, and for Therismos Investment Company to be blessed by the Lord to fuel His harvest.

One thought on “Welcome to our new Project “Watchman” !

  1. This is my bro 😀 I worked with him at the time he launched his small business (i had a small business too, and he was my client). I’m so glad he found this ministry. I know this project is in good hands. You’ve done a very good choice 3M Madagascar !

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