It is my privilege to introduce you to Madagascar 3M’s new Executive Director, Avotra Ravelo

Avotra has been part of the 3M team for more than 3 years now, pouncing on every opportunity to serve. We have been able to observe his character, his zeal for the Lord and his giftedness. He is a natural servant-leader, and I am thrilled to see how the Lord is going to use him in the years to come. Avotra will oversea Operations, Administration, HR and Finance for our organization.

Here is his testimony:

“I grew up reading the bible, attending church, going to Sunday school, getting involved and serving in every possible way. What I thought to be a zeal for His house was nothing more than an attempt to deny my own wickedness and gain other people’s approbation. In reality, I went on without understanding the true Gospel, living exactly like the world yet firmly believing I was being a good person. 

Thankfully, the Lord has been so gracious and used someone to share the Gospel with me back in 2015. From that day on, I felt an increasing desire to grow in the knowledge of God’s Word and to be a member of a Bible-centered church. Following a long set of trials, I joined and am now actively serving at the Biblical Baptist Church of Ankadivato with my wife and my son.

It was in that setting that the Lord provided me with great fellowship with dear friends for whom I am thankful, as they are powerful tools for my sanctification. Their servant heartedness, genuine love for God’s Word and diligence to minister to others, fueled my desire to do the same wholeheartedly. 

I graduated with a chemical engineering degree and occupied different positions, as a teacher, a consultant, and even as a flight attendant.

This year (2023), God called me to work full time in ministry and I am more than grateful and thrilled to serve with the team of Madagascar 3M as the Executive Director.”

Welcome on board Avotra! May you be a conduit of blessing to the staff and all those you interact with. All for His glory.  

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