The past 3 years have been grueling on our family. The move to America, seminary studies, fundraising, ministry, moving back to Madagascar, it all seemed like an unending succession of straining happenings one after the other. After a week and a half of ministry in Madagascar, we are so happy to have this time of debriefing and relaxation, as a team and as a family.

These few days on the beautiful island of Sainte Marie allow us to catch our breath, nurture mutual bonds and seek the Lord’s guidance on the way forward.

The team particularly had fun to learn the skill of balancing bags on their heads as locals do.

We also have had the joy of watching the humpback whales passing by on their way to the southern pole.

Please pray that the team will be refreshed physically, morally and spiritually. God “has made everything appropriate in its time” (Ecclesiastes 3:11), times of activity and times of rest. May He be glorified in all instances.


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