After two days of travel, the first from 2 am to 2pm, the next from 5 am to 8:30pm due to boat delays, broken cars, overheating engines, late buses, etc. we finally arrived in Tana. The team was exhausted but still in a jovial mood. After a quick dinner, everyone went to rest to be ready for the Lord’s day.

Today, we visited Ankadivato Biblical Baptist Church, our home church. What a joy it was to be reunited with the body of believers we grew up with and we served prior to going to seminary. They gave us a heartwarming welcome and immediately adopted Dave, Ashley, Scott and CJ as their own.


The youth leaders kindly offered on the spot us to take over the Sunday afternoon youth meeting. Dave had the opportunity to share his testimony, encouraging the teenagers and young adults in attendance to examine their own hearts to determine who was the Lord of their lives. Scott then taught from 1 John on the zeal for sanctification through confession and repentance as being a test of the genuineness of one’s salvation. A spontaneous Q&A followed suit and we were able to leave only after many one-on-one conversations, hugs, and pictures.

Dave and Ashley are leaving Madagascar tonight, while Scott and CJ leave on Tuesday. It is very difficult for us to see them go.

We are praying that the time they were able to spend here would help them to ascertain the Lord’s will for them and see the great need for biblical teaching on our island. We are praying that the Lord will provide for all their needs, spiritual and material. We are beseeching the Lord of the harvest that they will come back soon. Here, the workers are few.

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