Pages were falling off this young mother’s Bible. “Yes, it is rather worn out. But it’s the only one we have in our family. It got even more damaged during the last hurricane. Now I only have Genesis 22 to Philippians 3; the pages before and after are all gone!” Many were in similar circumstances.


We were blessed to be able to distribute Bibles to a few ladies during our visit to Ambohimanja Biblical Baptist Church, around 110 miles from the capital city.

Lily was invited to be the keynote speaker for the church’s annual women’s conference. Around 140 women were in attendance as Lily taught on “Loving your Neighbour as Yourself.”

She first laid down the biblical principles on the necessity for believers to live a life characterized by a love for God and for others, and then she expounded 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 helping the ladies to understand how a loving heart practically impacts one’s dealings with others.

Furthermore, the men provided a practical example of love and servant-heartedness as they elected to be in charge of preparing the meal so the ladies can enjoy the conference.

We were blessed by the rich fellowship and the eagerness of the ladies to learn from God’s Word. Some heard about the conference by word-of-mouth and walked around 20 miles to be able to attend. We filled the car to the brink in order to give a few of them a ride home.

We left encouraged, thankful and prayerful. We were invigorated by their hunger for the Word. We were grateful for being used by the Lord as instruments to bring His Word to His people in Ambohimanja. And we were imploring the Lord about the men; that He would touch their heart so that they would lead these godly wives spiritually, love them sacrificially, and parent their children alongside their spouse. We prayed that these ladies would faithfully love, respect and submit to their husbands. “Loving others as Yourself” starts within the home. We pray for many fruits from the conference, for many homes governed by biblical truth and marriages thriving through the Word.



One thought on “Genesis 22 to Philippians 3…

  1. Jorgie and I are very happy for you and Lily, Faly.
    It is truly a bless from God for you and your family to be able to go back to Madagascar and start working for The Lord right away!!! and of course it is also a matter of been obedient and humble to what God is telling you to do to share the True Gospel and The Love of God !!! God bless you always!!!



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