The Lord answers prayers in His time and according to His plans. Two exciting new ventures were set by Him to take place this coming weekend.

Affiche Olivasoa Radio - final

First, He has granted me a weekly radio show starting this Saturday evening. “Family Life According to God’s Will” gives me the opportunity to address week after week God’s intent, goals, and precepts for the family. The home nucleus has been much under attack recently and I am thus thankful for the prospect of providing weekly a biblical worldview on the family. I had a good time pre-recording the jingle of the show and Saturday’s first installment, planting a stake on biblical authority and sufficiency for all life and godliness.

Secondly, 3 youths from church and myself are leaving for an area 180 miles from the capital city, near Vatomandry, where I will be the speaker for their yearly regional conference gathering 14 churches from that region. The Lord is testing our faith through this trip as my car suddenly broke down today and thus we had to find a last-minute solution for transport and still have a lot of unknown as to the details of the trip tomorrow. We might have to walk for a few miles as the replacement car we found will not be able to reach the village where the conference will be held. We know that all of this was on the Lord’s agenda, and we would not want to miss what He wants to teach us on this journey.


Please pray for health and strength for our team and travel mercies as we leave today (Thursday) and plan to return on Sunday after church service. Please pray for those who are going to attend that they will be challenged by God’s Word as we explore the theme of “Being a Follower of Christ”. Pray for me, that God will grant me clarity in communicating His truth.

2 thoughts on “Two New Adventures

  1. We are praying for you and the transportation need for your trip and for the Holy Spirit to bring the Word of God to the hearts of the people.


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